Prepositional Phrase

Prepositional Phrase is a combination of preposition (preposition) and its object (called object of preposition) which can be in the form of noun (phrase), pronoun, or gerund. Basically what is meant by a preposition phrase is a arrangement of words that starts with preposition and is followed by an object of preposition. The object of preposition itself can be noun (noun), pronoun (pronoun), or it can be a noun phrase. So it can be said that a word arrangement is a preposition phrase if the arrangement is like this “Preposition + Object of preposition (noun, pronoun, noun phrase)”. The preposition used can consist of one word (one word preposition) or a combination with another part of speech (complex preposition). Part of speech used in forming complex preposition may be positioned before or flanked by two prepositions.

Preposition phrase = Preposition + Object of Preposition

As an example:

Beside you
From my house
In the biggest class room
Because of you

The words beside, from, in, and also because of the above are all prepositions, then followed by the object of preposition so that all the words above can be said as the preposition phrase.

Examples of Sentences Preposition Phrase:

Okay, after you understand what is the preposition phrase and know how to compile it, to make it clearer, try to pay close attention to some examples of the preposition phrase below.

Example Preposition Phrase

Examples in Sentences


On the table

I put the book on the table.

I put a book on the table.

In the waiting room.

He is still sitting in the waiting room.

He is still sitting in the waiting room.

About the dragon slayer

Tell me the story about the dragon slayer.

Tell me the story of the dragon killer!

Beside the red one

The car beside the one is the one I want to buy.

The red side car is what I want to buy.

Up the highest mountain

I will climb up the highest mountain tomorrow.

I will climb the highest mountain tomorrow.

Without a GPS

Without a GPS, we will lose our way.

Without a GPS, we will get lost.

Until today

Until today, I have never heard that.

Until now, I had never heard of that.

Upon a high shelf

Put the fresh flowers upon a high shelf.

Place the fresh flowers on a high shelf!

Over the grass

The tiger crept slowly over the grass.

The tiger crept slowly over the grass.

During halftime

We will order Pizza during halftime.

We will order Pizza during halftime.

Prepositional Phrase Function: Adjective or Adverb

A prepositional phrase can function as an adjective that describes a noun or pronoun (called an adjectival prepositional phrase); or as adverb which describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb (called an adverbial prepositional phrase) that is in a sentence.

Examples of Adjectival Sentences / Adverbial Prepositional Phrase:

Kind of

Examples of Prepositional Phrase Sentences

Adjectival Prepositional Phrase

The car in front of me ran the red light.
(The car in front of me breaks through the red light.) The prepositional phrase describes the noun “car” and says “which man”.

Adverbial Prepositional Phrase

She is still sitting in the waiting room.
(He is still sitting in the waiting room.) The prepositional phrase explains the verb “is sitting” and answers the question “Where is she sitting?”