Strengths and Weaknesses of Star, Ring, Bus, Mesh, Hybrid, and Tree Topologies

Advantages of Star Topology:
• If one computer has a problem, the network in this topology continues to run and does not affect other computers.
• Flexible
• The level of security is fairly good compared to the bus topology.
• Ease of detection of problems is quite easy if there is damage to the network.

Lack of Star Topology:
• If the switch / hub with the note as the central point has a problem, then all computers connected to this topology also experience problems.
• Enough to need a lot of cables, so the costs incurred can be considered quite expensive.
• The network is very dependent on the central terminal.

2. Ring topology

Advantages of Ring Topology:
• Has better performance than bus topology.
• Easy to implement.
• Reconfiguring and installing a new device is fairly easy.
• Installation costs are quite cheap

Lack of Ring Topology:
• Communication performance in this topology is assessed by the number / number of points or nodes.
• Troubleshooting is quite complicated.
• If a connection is broken, the other connection is also broken.
• In this topology collisions usually occur (data collisions).


Advantages of Bus Topology:

The installation cost is arguably very cheap because it uses only a few cables.
Adding a new client / workstation can be done easily.
Topology that is very simple and easy to apply

Disadvantages of Bus Topology:

If one of the cables in the bus network topology is broken or has a problem, it can interfere with other workstation / client computers.
The process of sending (sending) and receiving (receiving) data is less efficient, usually data collisions often occur in this topology.
Topology that is very old school and difficult to develop.


Advantages of Mesh Topology:

Data transmission lines are used very much, so no need to worry about data collisions (collisions).
Large bandwidth is quite wide.
Security in this topology is arguably very good.

Lack of Mesh Topology:

The network installation process in this topology is very complicated.
Requires a lot of cable.
Eating a very expensive installation cost, because it requires a lot of cable.


Advantages of Hybrid Topology:

Adding other connections is very easy.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology:

Management of this network is very difficult.
The cost of development in this topology is also quite expensive.
Installation and network configuration in this topology can be quite complicated, because there are different topologies.


Excess Tree Topology

The data structure is centrally hierarchical, this makes data management better and easier.
Easy to develop into a wider network.

Lack of Tree Topology

If the computer that occupies the highest level has a problem, then the computer that is under it also has problems
Network performance in this topology is fairly slow.
Using many cables and the lowest cable (backbone) is the center of this technology.