Queue Application in the Real World

Queue in everyday life such as:
Queues on train ticket sales, where the first person to come is the person who is first served to buy a ticket. If a new person arrives to buy a ticket, the position is at the back of the queue.
People who are in the last position in the queue are the last time to be served and get a train ticket (if you are out of luck, they will run out of tickets). Another example is customers who queue up at bank tellers, data packages waiting to be transmitted via the internet, printer queues where there are print job queues waiting for their turn to use printers and so on.

Examples of real-world Queue applications:
1. Queue application on the Toll road.
2. Application queue when queuing at the counter.
3. Application for train ticket reservation, etc.
All of them use FIFO (First In, First Out) rules.