Examples of Gerund Phrase Sentences as Subjects and Objects

Examples of Gerund Phrase Sentences as Subjects

-Dancing traditional dance would be hard for me. (Dancing traditional dance will be very difficult for me.)
-Getting the best score in English would be easy for Anita. (Getting the best score in English lessons will be easy for Anita.)
-Watering flowers in the morning is a good way to take care of them. (Watering flowers in the morning is a good way to treat them.)
-Singing the English song is a challenge for me. (Singing songs in English is a challenge for me.)
-Cooking the western food will not be easy for Asian. (Cooking western food will be difficult for Asians.)
-Getting the expensive shoes at the supermarket would be easy for the rich. (Getting expensive shoes at a supermarket will be very easy for rich people.)
-Learning martial arts would be good for a woman. (Learning martial arts will be very good for a woman)
-My plan is giving him some gifts on his birthday. (My plan is to give him some presents during his birthday.)
-His girlfriend is a plan is teaching some effective ways in learning English. (His plan is to teach his girlfriend some effective ways to learn English.)

Example of the sentence Gerund Phrase as an object

-I hope that she stops her singing. (I hope he stops the song.)
-I tasted his cooking, it was delicious. (I have tasted the cuisine, it is very tasty.)
-I saw her dancing, it was terrible. (I have seen the dance, it’s very bad.)
-Rina said that she wanted to see her boyfriend’s painting. (Rina says that she wants to see her boyfriend’s painting.)
-I thought that her acting was good enough. (I think that his acting was pretty good.)
-He would have felt ashamed for giving bribes to win the competition. (He may feel embarrassed for giving a bribe to win the competition.)