Example of Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional comes from prepositions which means prepositions. Simply put, prepositional phrases are a combination of words that are not predicated and have prepositions. As mentioned earlier, this phrase includes the type of phrase based on the word category which is the main point, where the category of words that emphasize this phrase are prepositions like di, to, for, and so on. These prepositions function as indicators which are then followed by words or groups of non-clause words that act as markers.

Examples of Prepositional Phrases

To better understand what prepositional phrases are, below are a few sentences containing these phrases.

1.On the home page, Beni and his sister are playing football.
2.This clothes shop is closed for a while.
3.For all students, please be calm during the final semester examination.
4.For us, money is not everything.
5.In the hands of creative people, beverage bottle waste can be a high-value item
6.For this reason, we ask that you fill out our event as the keynote speaker.
7.To the guests, we invite you to enter.
8.For that, we invite you to join our community.
9.From this experience we learned many things.
10.Andre became the first class champion.
11.We must meet someday.
12.Until now, the victim search process is still being carried out.
13.Regarding the problem, we have discussed it the other day.
14.In the event, the host shared a number of prizes for the winners.
15.In commemoration of the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, a number of young people were involved as the executive committee.
16.However, we do not agree with your opinion.
17.Thank you for your attention.
18.Instead of being dumped, we better donate our used clothes.
19.Thanks to His mercy, we can gather in this glorious place.
20.At the insistence of the residents, Pak Yadi officially resigned as Village Head of Sukamulya Village.
21.the problem between us and them is over.
22.Ami migrated to Jakarta to make a living.
23.To meet family needs, Mr. Vishnu is willing to work odd jobs.
24.The sacrificial animals were slaughtered by slaughterers.
25.For us, good education is a basic need for all children, including underprivileged children.
26.Your heart will be good, we always remember.
27.The poem was created when Agus locked himself in a room.
28.At the request of viewers, the soap opera was back on air.
29.By the will of the Almighty, we can perform the pilgrimage this year.
30.On behalf of the family, we apologize for the mistakes made by the deceased during his lifetime.
31.At the suggestion of residents, Pak RT held joint gymnastics activities every Sunday.