5 Examples of Sentences Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Prepositional Phrase, and Participle Phrase

5 Examples of Noun Phrase Sentences

1.You can have a small laptop but I prever the big one
2.Award the scholarship has been given to the most brilliant scholar by our dean
3.He has broken two of my best flashdisks
4.Some of the laboratory rooms need to be repaired
5.The blue tablet on that desk is mine

5 Examples of Verb Phrase Sentences

1.If you do not save your file correctly, it will lose
2.I have not used Microsoft Access for many years
3.For the last three years, I have been working as a software engineer for Intelligent Software
4.The new computers will be operated by the new Information Technology students
5.Our company has been conducting national seminars every year in the auditorium room

5 Examples of Prepositional Phrase Sentences

1.The dean given the scholarship to the most brilliant scholar
2.The computer shows all of the outputs on the monitor
3.Personal communicator enables us to interact with other people around the world
4.Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine life without the magic of computers
5.Computers are used to manage radar systems and regulated water traffic in airport control towers

5 Examples of the Sentences of the Multiple Phrase

1.The light pen which lost in the pile last week was mine
2.They came in laboratory
3.Pleased with his new programs, the programmers smiled to every body
4.Realizing the danger, the computer technician turns off the power
5.After clicking on the delete button, he turned off his laptop

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